Are we better off with the BNP or UKIP?

In one of the papers there’s a cartoon of a BNP guy begging, claiming he lost his job thanks to UKIP.

I think I’d rather have the BNP still there so we can isolate them as the bigots that they are rather than have their posh counterparts from Farage and Co enter the political mainstream. UKIP continue to gain strength in the polls and you have to wonder if it’s because of or despite the regular racist, anti-Muslim, anti-gay outburst from its members.

I suspect the real reason for their ascendancy is not because significant sections of the British public have latent far right tendencies but somewhat closer to the failure of our main parties to represent us properly. Look at the disgraced Conservative MP who is standing down and who Farage thought he might take over from and you see the real root cause. Thankfully he’s announced he won’t stand.

Patrick Mercer, once a minister, was caught accepting cash to ask questions in Parliament. Such despicable acts lead us to the conclusion that we are not being properly served by our elected officials. Enter stage right the flamboyant party leader who speaks for the ordinary man, more an Oswald Mosley than Nick Griffin ever was in that he has a huge personal following and charisma.

If our democracy served us better people with better standards than the Mercers of the world, the BNP would remain there on the fringes – marginalised and absurd. And so would UKIP.

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