Gove’s failed stairway to heaven

So Michael Gove thinks it’s OK to accept £375,000 from an evangelical Christian movement to send a free Bible to every school in the UK. This is so astonishingly daft on so many levels it’s difficult to know where to start. Here are five.

  1. What possible impact could one copy have on each school?
  2. How would we react if an Islamist group were to pay for a copy of the Quran to be sent to each school?
  3. How does this sit with our aspirations for great inter-faith networks?
  4. Families from non Christian faiths give their children their holy books. Why don’t Christian families do the same?
  5. Why not encourage downloading or tablet forms and save the massive use of paper?

The most tragic one is a sixth. The atheist Richard Dawkins has backed the plan on the basis that it will give readers the awareness – as he believes, not me – that the Bible advocated murder, slavery and theft and realising this, people will then turn towards atheism as a result.

Oh dear Mr Gove. So the road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions.

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2 Responses to Gove’s failed stairway to heaven

  1. As a member of a minority faith I do hate this condescending attitude of bible-pushers. A zealot of any hue is bound to cause upset.

  2. Mariela Albornoz says:

    Michael Gove certainly knows how to come up with “eye-catching initiatives”. Whether it’s sending out Bibles, buying a yacht for the Queen or letting people set up their own schools, he’s got an impresario’s gift for keeping us interested. He holds our attention with the £370,000 he’s spending on gilded scriptures. It distracts from what’s happening with unloved billions elsewhere.

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