My new little secret

Well, until now it has been.

Every morning, I close the blinds of my living room, switch off the lights and do something I probably shouldn’t share with you but it’s sort of become a habit and I’m slightly addicted so I’m disclosing. I know I shouldn’t, but here goes.

At 6am I indulge in a pleasure with a special gadget and I do something that makes me feel really good which most people start doing in their teenage years but I’m clearly a late developer.

Yes, I dance (why – what did you think I was going to confess to?). With my Nintendo Wii I’ve revived my interest in Zumba – so much better when it’s interactive and even better than that is Just Dance, where you follow characters on the screen and as the machine detects your movement it tells you how well you’re doing it. I’m moving from “OK” to “Good” with the occasional “Perfect” score.

I get carried away and go beyond the recommended number of songs in the “Sweat Explosion” selection and this morning did a veritable hour and a half including a crazy bout of MC Hammer’s “You Can’t Touch This”.

Judge me all you like, but I bet a lot of you secretly do it too.

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Founder of Roast Restaurant, Borough Market.
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3 Responses to My new little secret

  1. I really would like to see you in action!

  2. UrFresh TV says:

    this made me laugh really hard, you should set it up for out next meeting , i will take you on
    regards .. from richard

  3. Tania Ahsan says:

    Saw George last week and you came up in convo so I was internet stalking you and came across this. All I can say is that you should have a health warning on your blog – I was drinking coffee when I read it and you almost choked me to death. Iqbal Wahhab does Zumba. Crikey.
    Tania x

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