The Prince and Scotch eggs

I had the privilege today to attend a gathering of Business in the Community, a Prince of Wales charity whereby businesses are encouraged to do more than narrowly focus on profit and recognise their place in the social contexts in which we are based.

Last April I led what is called a ‘Seeing is Believing’ tour with heads of different companies and organisations to look at the rehabilitation of ex-offenders and in particular why it is that 12% of the entire prison population in the UK is Muslim, while Muslims constitute just 3% of the national profile.

As I was one of the speakers at today’s event, I got to meet with the prince and he’s so well briefed and manages his memory so well that although I have met him previously there is no way he would remember me. Today he asked me now just how the restaurant business is faring but amazingly, he asked about the scotch eggs we had put on the menu and what we put in them that make them so special!

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